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Privacy Statement

We will not collect any personal information about you unless you have chosen to give it to us. Please do not give it to us if you do not want it collected. We may use information we have collected about you to respond to your queries, which may involve forwarding your information to a Senior operation outside the EEA that may be better placed to address your enquiry. Countries outside the EAA may have laws and practices relating to the protection of personal data which are different to, or possibly weaker than, those within the EEA.

We do not use cookies on this website.

If you apply to receive electronic investor communications from the Company's Registrars, your personal data will be handled in accordance with the consents that you give Equiniti, when you apply for this service. Further information concerning these conditions can be found at:

The Free Email Alert Service for notification of the latest stock exchange announcements, which can be found in our 'Investors' section of the website, is managed by Hemscott Limited. Your personal data will be handled in accordance with Hemscott's privacy policy, details of which may be found at:

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