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Financial Calendar

The key events for Senior in 2015 are set out below. Some of the dates are indicative only and may be subject to change.


2 March

Preliminary announcement of the 2014 Annual Results.

13 March

Publication of the Annual Report 2014.

24 April

Annual General Meeting.

30 April

Shares ex-dividend for the 2014 final dividend.

1 May

Record Date for shareholders on the register to receive the 2014 final dividend.

29 May

Payment of the 2014 final dividend.

3 August

Preliminary announcement of the 2015 Interim Results.

7 August

Publication of the Interim Report 2015.

22 October

Shares ex-dividend for the 2015 interim dividend.

23 October

Record Date for shareholders on register to receive 2015 interim dividend.

30 November

Payment of the 2015 interim dividend.


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