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Financial Calendar

The key events for Senior in 2015 are set out below. Some of the dates are indicative only and may be subject to change.


2 March

Preliminary announcement of the 2014 Annual Results.

16 March

Publication of the Annual Report 2014.

24 April

Annual General Meeting.

29 April

Shares ex-dividend for the 2014 final dividend.

1 May

Record Date for shareholders on the register to receive the 2014 final dividend.

29 May

Payment of the 2014 final dividend.

27 July

Preliminary announcement of the 2015 Interim Results.

3 August

Publication of the Interim Report 2015.

21 October

Shares ex-dividend for the 2015 interim dividend.

23 October

Record Date for shareholders on register to receive 2015 interim dividend.

30 November

Payment of the 2015 interim dividend.


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