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Senior Aerospace Composites has one of the most comprehensive composite fabrication facilities dedicated solely to the aerospace market. The company has developed a wide range of process capabilities including compression molding, resin-transfer molding, vacuum-form molding, as well as high- and low-pressure curing for the business jet, commercial transport, general aviation and military market segments, including both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Using a wide variey of prepreg materials, including fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbons, along with a diverse range of resin systems, Senior Aerospace Composites has become the supplier of choice for many OEM's and primary systems suppliers for a variety of aerospace applications including ECS ducting, interior components and systems, and structural components. Fabrication of higher level assemblies has become a key value model for many customers of Senior Aerospace Composites as well as offload of internal fabrication requirements or replacement of existing marginal suppliers.



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2700 South Custer
KS 67217
T: +1 316 942 3208
F: +1 316 942 5044

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