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Metal Bellows developed a breakthrough process that produced the first welded metal bellows for instrument controls, thus assuring customers of systems and components manufactured to exacting tolerances, consistency and long life-spans for both the aerospace and medical systems markets. It has continued to refine and develop welded metal bellows technology and the integration of welded metal bellows into critical aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and industrial applications.

Metal Bellows provides custom engineered mechanical and electromechanical component and assembly solutions, by applying its technologies to applications requiring hydraulic system pressure and flow control, dynamic sealing, precision sensing and actuation (pressure and thermal), and flexible coupling.

Metal Bellows has capabilities in structural analysis, pressure vessel design, hydraulic and pneumatic component design, and thermal analysis. Its metal bellows technology provides components with superior performance and high reliability, while operating at severe environmental extremes.



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1075 Providence Highway
MA 02067
T: +1 781 784 1400
F: +1 781 784 1405

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