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Capabilities Overview

Senior designs, manufactures and markets high technology components and systems for the principal original equipment producers in the worldwide aerospace, diesel engine, exhaust system and energy markets.


Manufactures flexible and rigid stainless steel, titanium and composite ducting, structural parts, edge-welded bellows, hot engine components, rings, flanges and cryogenic valves. The products are used for fluid transfer applications within aircraft and rocket engines, aircraft wings and interiors.


Manufactures thin-walled, flexible, stainless steel exhaust connectors, decouplers, exhaust gas recirculating tubes generally for exhaust applications in passenger cars, SUV's and light trucks; and diesel common rails and fuel pipes, for passenger cars and the heavy duty diesel engine market. The products help vehicle manufacturers to meet exhaust emission regulations.

Manufactures flexible expansion joints, precision bellows, hose, cryogenic distribution systems and heating/ventilation systems for a wide range of niche industrial markets. The products, manufactured in stainless steel and composite materials, provide protection against the effects of thermal expansion, vibration and corrosion.


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